Loteria nacional

Loteria Nacional: A Popular Lottery in Spain

Loteria Nacional is a popular lottery game played in Spain. It was established in 1763 and has become a tradition for many Spaniards. The lottery is operated by the Spanish government and it is one of the oldest lotteries in the world.

How to Play Loteria Nacional

Loteria nacional

There are several ways to play Loteria Nacional. Players can purchase a ticket that is available in multiple numbers, called "décimos". Each décimo has a five-digit number ranging from 00000 to 99999. A player can buy a full ticket with 10 décimos or can split it into individual décimos. The price of each décimo varies depending on the prize value, and tickets can be bought from authorized lottery sellers or online.

The first prize is known as "El Gordo" (the big one) and it is the most sought-after prize. The winning ticket number will be called out during a national television broadcast on December 22nd of each year. Other prizes are also available, including various smaller cash prizes.

The History of Loteria Nacional

Loteria Nacional was established in 1763 during the reign of King Carlos III. Its purpose at the time was to raise funds for various government projects. Today, the lottery is still operated by the government and all of the proceeds are used to benefit Spanish public programs, such as education and culture.

Over the years, Loteria Nacional has become an important part of Spanish culture and tradition. It is a common sight to see families and friends gathered around to watch the December 22nd broadcast and see if they have won any prizes.

The Impact of Loteria Nacional on Spanish Society

Aside from raising funds for public programs, Loteria Nacional has also had a significant impact on Spanish society. The lottery has become a symbol of hope and possibility. Many Spaniards see playing Loteria Nacional as a chance to win big and improve their lives.

In addition, the December 22nd broadcast has become a national event. It is watched by millions of people across Spain and it is a time when the entire country comes together to celebrate this longstanding tradition.


Loteria Nacional is not just a lottery game, it is a significant part of Spanish culture and tradition. It has a rich history and has had a positive impact on Spanish society by raising funds for public programs and serving as a symbol of hope and possibility for many Spaniards. Playing Loteria Nacional and watching the December 22nd broadcast has become a beloved and cherished tradition in Spain that is likely to continue for years to come.


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